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The Basics of Beyblade Customization

The ultimate goal of every Beyblader is to win every battle. A bey's performance inside the Beystadium is dependent on such factors as the blader's launching skills and the combination he used for his Beyblade battle top. Each Beyblade comes with different parts, each having unique traits that can affect the top's performance. Taking advantage of these attributes to create a high performance bey is crucial in winning battles.

Beyblades can either have the attack, defense and stamina traits or can be customized to enhance any one of these attributes by replacing some parts. Knowing the opponent bey's strengths and weaknesses is key in customizing and coming up with a bey that can defeat the competitor. Here are some Beyblade customization tips and techniques to help you create a winning Bey.

Defense Beyblade

To create a highly defensive Beyblade that can easily topple a attack opponent, use a very good metal fusion wheel such as the Earth wheel, an Aquario energy ring, a Wide Ball performance tip like those on Rock Leone or Rock Giraffe, and a Claw 145 spin track from Flame Sagittario.

Attack Beyblade

Attack Beyblades are best for battling with an opponent with strong stamina. Customize your own attack bey by using a Vulcan fusion wheel, a Bull energy ring, a Rubber Flat performance tip from Storm Pegasus and the 100 spin track from Lightning L Drago or Wind Aquario.

Stamina Beyblade

Defensive Beyblades can be best defeated by a Beyblade with strong stamina. A great combination to come up with a stamina bey include a Virgo fusion wheel, a Bull energy ring, an SD performance tip from Dark Bull or Poison Serpent), and a 145 spin track from Rock Leone.

Knowing these basic combinations, you are now half-ready for Beyblade battles. Start practicing to improve your launching skills and you are ready to become a Beyblade master in no time.

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