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Pokemon Go Clone for Beyblade

Pokemon Go Clone for BeybladeWith Pokémon Go now a global phenomenon, we would like to see a similar reinvention to another of our favorite franchises, Beyblade! Seeing Beyblade get the Augmented Reality treatment will surely be a treat to fans.

For those who are clueless about the Pokemon Go craze, it is an Augmented Reality mobile game, which overlays the game content on real-world images as displayed on a mobile phone.

The aim of the game is for players to locate and capture Pokémon- creatures that live in the wild or in urban environments and then engage in a Pokémon battle with another player, in real time. The fun part of the game is the moving around and getting outside to catch em all Pokemons! The physical activity aspect is great so players actually get some exercise while chasing monsters.

An AR game for Beyblade would be exciting. Collecting Beys and doing battles with other Beybladers in real time would be such fun! Calling on game developers...



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