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How to tell a fake Beyblades from the real thing

Beyblade battle tops are just some of the most popular toys all over the world but just like most popular items, fake beyblades or lousy imitations of these spinning tops abound in the market. Don't be fooled by fake Beyblades. They are made from substandard materials and can easily get broken. They also suck during battles and worse, they are not allowed during Beyblade tournaments!

Get the most value for your money by buying only original Beyblade merchandise from licensed manufacturers. With original Beyblade merchandise, you can be sure of getting the best value for your money and have fun battling with your Beyblade top because they last longer. To avoid getting scammed into buying these fake imitations, here are some tips on how to tell the fake ones from original Beyblade tops.

Look for quality. Fake Beyblade tops are cheap because they are made from low grade materials, which means that they can easily get broken or shattered into pieces during battles. They were also produced under substandard manufacturing procedures which make not only look cheap but also perform poorly during battles. Aside from tops, cheap imitations of blading accessories like launchers can also affect the performance of a top even if it is an original Beyblade.

Packaging says it all. By looking at its packaging, one can easily tell if a Beyblade is a fake. I have yet to see a cheap imitation Neyblade with impeccable packaging. Just like the contents it is protecting, the packaging of cheap imitation Beys are also made from low-quality materials. The graphics are terrible or some text may even be in Chinese! Fake Beyblades also don't have the logo of the manufacturers that are licensed to produce them. To be sure, look for D-Rights or the toy manufacturers' logo on the packages.

Check the Bey names and their spelling. Most manufacturers of fake Beyblade items either deliberately mispelled the names of the Beyblades to avoid copyright infringement suits or they are just too busy thinking of ways of fooling people that they didn't even bother to check if the names on the packaging are correct.

Only buy Beyblade from accredited companies. To ensure that you get only the best Beyblades, only purchase them if they are manufactured by any of these companies:

  • Takara-TOMY (original creators)
  • Hasbro (American distributor)
  • Sono Kong (Korean distributor)
  • Mani Ltd. (Chinese distributor)
  • New Boy (Middle Eastern distributor)

Be wary of Beyblade products that carry these brand names: Hongyi, TT Hongli, GG, PK, BAM and MDX. These brands are certified fakes!

We hope that these tips can help you avoid getting fooled into buying fake Beyblades.

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