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How to Give your Beyblade some Spark

Some of the most exciting parts of the Beyblade anime series are the amazing battle scenes because of the sparks that fly during intense fights between opposing beyblade tops. The animated sparks denote the heated battle between Beyblade tops which are trying their best to beat the opponent and emerge as the winner.  It would be a treat for Beybladers to see their very own beyblade top give off sparks during real life Beyblade battles.

While it may be impossible to see sparks fly between battling all-plastic Beyblades, it is very possible to see flickers of light between beys equipped with metal fusion wheels.  The contact between the opposing beys' metal parts during battle causes friction that produces sparks to fly.

There are Beyblade tops, such as Akara Sparkling Attacker and Takara Thunder Dragon MS, that are popularly known to spark after being launched toward another Beyblade.

However, a regular Beyblade top, as long as they have metal components, can also spark during battles.  You just need to give it a forceful launch to generate friction when it hits the opponent. Below are some tips on how to give your Beyblade some spark during battles:

  1. Place your Beyblade into the launcher.
  2. Insert the rip cord.
  3. Pull the rip cord as hard as possible.
  4. Launch the Beyblade toward the opponent. If both your and the opponent bey generate enough force, there is a good chance of seeing sparks when they hit each other.

Be cautious when picking up and touching a Beyblade that has just sparked in a battle, it maybe hot to the touch due to friction.

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