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How to Assemble a Beyblade Top

Beyblade topNothing compares to the excitement of getting your first Beyblade top.  However, putting the spinning top together for the first time can be a little tricky. Fumbling with the parts and putting them together in the wrong way can cause damage and render the top useless. To be safe, here are some tips for the novice on how to assemble a Beyblade top.

Take the Beyblade parts out of the box and place them in a flat clean surface. Make sure all parts are present before starting to put them together.

A Beyblade top kit comes with a sheet of decorative stickers. Attach the stickers on the attack ring and blade base. Place the stickers only on the appropriate parts, otherwise, a misplaced sticker might affect the performance of the Beyblade.

Fit together the shaft that goes in the middle of your Beyblade with the bit on the bottom. The bit determines how your top moves in battle, so putting it on correctly is essential.

Set the weight gear on top of the shaft. Make sure the weight gear is resting on the notches on the shaft so that your Beyblade top spins properly. Attach both pieces of the right (or left, depending on your Beyblade) spin gear to the central shaft.

Assemble the blade base by sliding the attachments into the base, then setting the assembled spin gear and shaft into the blade base. Next, slide the attachments into the base until you hear a "click," which means the spin gear and shaft are secure in the blade base.

Add the weight ring to the base by sliding it down the shaft. Slide it until it surrounds the spin gear and rests on top of the blade base.

Secure the bit chip to the attack ring, then place the fully assembled attack ring on top of the weight ring. Turn the attack ring until it locks into place.

You may now start using your newly assembled Beyblade.  Only launch your Bey on a Bey Stadium.  Launching it on other surface may damage the bit and affects its performance during battles.

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