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Fancy Beyblade Tricks

Fancy Beyblade tricksTake a rest from battles and try these fancy Beyblade tricks! Beyblades are versatile toys.  Aside from showing their prowess in the stadiums during battles, they can also perform fancy tricks that would surely entertain everyone. Here are some non-battle related Beyblade tricks:

Beyblade Bubble Maker
For our first Beyblade trick, put a drop or two of liquid detergent in a plate or shallow bowl with about 1/4 inch of water. Launch the Beyblade onto the bowl and watch it create bubbles. The faster the Beyblade spins, the more bubbles it will make.

Bounce and Fly Beyblade
Using a Beyblade with left SG casings, place an attack ring to the Spin Gear of Trygle. Then, take off the weight disk and base of the Beyblade. Launch the Bey from 2 to 3 feet above the ground. Observe how it flies and bounces.

Balancing Beyblade
Attach a Hole Flat tip on a Beyblade and flip it upside down on a flat surface. Take another Bey with an S (Sharp) or ES (Eternal Sharp) tip and balance it on the tip of the upsidedown Beyblade. Pull the cord and watch the top Beyblade balance and spin on the bottom one. 4

Beyblade on a stilt
Get a Beyblade with a Hole Flat tip and insert a toothpick into the hole. Launch the Bey like you normally would and watch the Beyblade spin on its stilt.

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