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Essential Beyblade Battle Tips

Beyblade battles are a great way to have fun with friends and other people who are also into Beyblades. However, winning battles and becoming an expert blader may require a lot of skills which you can hone through practice and experience.

So don't fret if you are just starting and losing beyblade battle after battle. All you need are a bit of patience and a lot of practice.  Here are some essential tips and techniques that can help improve your Beyblading skills and make you a winner in friendly neighborhood battles and even during tournaments.

For a faster and stronger spin, twist your launcher while launching and this will boost your attack, endurance and defense.  If you twist the right way, your blade might even spin counter clockwise and give you an advantage.

Use a longer ripcord like the one that comes with dragoon fighter for a faster spin. Deluxe launchers and spring loaded launchers can also do the trick. Launching your bey on the stadium slope can also result in a outstanding spin.

If you badly need points to win a final round in a beyblade battle, launch your bey a few seconds after your opponent launched his blade. Aim directly at the other bey to knock it off. If you aimed right and gave a powerful launch, you may even damage your opponent's blade.

If you can't knock the opponent out because your aim is bad,  just launch your blade right over the arena and give the ripcord a good pull to create a steady powerful spin.

Use the Tyson launch is you want a faster spin and more attacking power. Just hold your launcher upside down and while launching, turn it to the conventional launching position.

Another aggressive launching technique is the Gary launch. It is done by holding your launcher above your your head and bring it downwards very fast while pulling the rip cord. This technique if done properly can give a very powerful spin that can cause major damage to the opponent if you managed to hit it.

The key to winning beyblade battles is practice, practice and more practice. There are many launching techniques, you can even make modifications to improve them.  But if you don't practice them, you'll never get to take advantage of their full potential.

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