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BeyWheelz - A Beyblade spin off from Nelvana

BeywheelzBeyWheelz is Nelvana's upcoming spin off anime series of the popular Beyblade franchise. It is due to air after the Beyblade: Metal Fury season ends.  The series was actually created to serve as filler for the gap that Metal Fury leaves because of its reduced run time. Metal Fury episodes only runs for 15 minutes. The 13 episodes of Beywheelz will complete the 52 episodes needed to complete a season.

The series is totally unrelated to the Beyblade franchise and features a new set of characters. It takes place in the futuristic city called Destection, where Sho is the champion of the BEYWHEELZ World Tournament. He uses a Pegasus BeyWheelz Bey.  This peaceful city is home to exciting and challenging battles between friends and allies until suddenly the city is attacked by an evil BEYWHEELZ army called the Dominators.

A BeyWheelz toyline is also in the works from Hasbro. It will be released in the fall of 2012 in North America. BeyWheelz toys are different from BeyBlade high-performance spinning tops.  They are, essentially, customizable wheels that are launched 90° in which, they roll head-to-head with another BeyWheel in battle.

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