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Beyblading tips for beginners

Beyblading TipsBeyblades have been around for some time now but kids, and some adults, continue to collect and play with them.  With new variants coming out every now and then, Beyblading aficionados are assured that there will be new items to collect before they even get tired of their newly acquired ones.

While launching a Beyblade is relatively simple and does not special know-how, the following tips and techniques can help Beyblading noobs become instant champions during battles.

Launch your Beyblade in a with stable hands and not too high from the ground. This technique will help keep the Bey spin longer and with more energy to knock down the opponent.

Use a defense weight like from Dranzer S battling against an attack type Beyblade. Using a heavy weight will help your Bey from getting knocked off instantly by an opponent and also help it spin longer.

To immediately win  two points, aim you Bey at your opponent's top and try to hit it towards a penalty pocket. Launch your Beyblade immediately after your opponent.

Go for the opposite direction when launching your Beyblade. This will make sure your Beyblade will speed across the arena and hit the opponent.

For a devastating beyblading attack, use a sharp attack ring and a heavy weight disk on your Bey. Also use a blade base with a grip on it and left spin gear with a deluxe launcher to give your Bey high speed, heavy damage and durable attack.

Give your defensive style Beyblade the maximum advantage over the opponent by pulling the ripcord as hard as possible. This will give your Bey intense speed that can easily deflect your opponent's attacks. Furthermore, this technique will wreak havoc on your opponent's weight disc, sending it out of control.

Another great way to beat a defense type Beyblade is to launch your bey using the upside down-turn maneuver: hold your Beyblade upside-down, then turn over quickly and launch.  This will give your Bey a back and forth spinning pattern that can easily knock down or outlast attack type Beys with rubber blade bases.

Hope these beyblading tips help you win battles. Let it rip!


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