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Beyblade 101: What are Beyblades?

beybladeBeyblades, as you all know by now, are modernized versions of the traditional wooden spinning top.  But unlike the old tops that you can play on any flat surface, Beyblades are played on a special platform called an arena. The point of the game is to spin two opposing beyblades. The the last blade standing is the winner.

The spinning tops of old are usually made of wood and are spun using a string pull.  Beyblades are a bit more complicated especially for the uninitiated.  So here are the basic parts of a Beyblade. Each bey is consisted of 3 main parts: launcher, rip cord, and blade.

The older plastics blades are made of the bit beast, attack ring, defense ring, and base.  A newer series has 4 parts, namely, the face, metalWheel (sometimes, clear wheel), track, and tip.

The "Basic System" tops are the first generation of Beyblade tops. They are entirely made of plastic, with the exception of Weight Disks and some tips. To break it even more down, they consist of five basic parts:

• Bit Piece(BP): A decorative plate inserted into the Attack Ring of the Beyblade, adorned with a small icon of a mythical creature. In the anime, these creatures' souls were actually housed in the Beyblades themselves.
• Attack Ring(AR): The Attack Ring determines the blade's effect when it impacts against its opponent, as this is normally the first part to come into contact with the opposing blade.
• Weight Disk(WD): The Weight Disk affects the power and speed of the Beyblade.
• Spin Gear(SG): The spin gear determines the direction of the Beyblade's rotation; either clockwise (right) or counterclockwise (left). Also, the Spin Track holds the Attack Ring in place on the top, preventing it from coming off mid-battle.
• Blade Base(BB): The blade base determines how the Beyblade spins, and also affects its movement pattern. The Tip is attached to the Blade Base.

The first tops consisted of a four-layer part system: Bit Beast, Attack Ring, Weight Disk, and Blade Base; the Spin Gear would lock into the Blade Base, essentially making the top only four layers after initial construction. Upon the arrival of the S- and F-series Beyblades, Spin Gears were introduced that were removable and interchangeable, thus creating a customizable five-layer system.

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