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Burger King to feature Beyblade Toys in Kiddie Meals

Burger King to feature Beyblade Toys in Kiddie MealsFastfood chain Burger King will include Beyblade toys in its Kiddie meal offerings. The Beyblade toys will be available in 3,300 BK restaurants across Latin America, Europe and the Middle East this summer after Nelvana Enterprises and d-rights have secured a deal with the burger chain.

The deal will run between June 18th to July 29th and will be supported by online, on-air and in-restaurant promotion.

"Burger King is proud to feature Beyblade to complement and enhance the excitement of our Kid’s Meal offerings during this six-week summer program," said Jose R. Costa, vice president, marketing and R&D, Latin America and Caribbean, Burger King Corp.


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