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Beyblade Tips and Tricks Part 1

beyblade tipsLearn the following Beyblade tips for basic and special moves to become the best beyblader around!

Storm Attack
Storm attack is one of the most basic and easiest moves to perform in beyblade.  It is done by performing a high pull to launch your beyblade. Once you reach a high enough level the beyblade should zoom around the stadium creating high winds.

Fire Arrow
One of the most powerful moves, the Fire Arrow, is done by holding the launcher in front of you and tilt it forward a bit.  Instead of pulling the ripcord back, push the launcher forward quite hard. You need to have a good aim as this attack is very hard to perform.

Metal Ball Defense
Best done with Dracial, the Metal Ball Defense is a relatively simple move.  Launch your beyblade into the middle of the stadium and it will stay in defense all the time.

Tiger Claw Attack
The Tiger Claw Attack requires a lot of training to perfect the move.  This attack is performed by holding your beyblade in front of you and tilt it to the side s bit and pull your ripcord hard. This maneuver will make the beyblade to slightly land on its side and will attack tilt forward just like the tiger claw on moves you see on the series.

Spin Fire
To do this move properly, simply launch your beyblade above the stadium a bit higher than usual.  Then, pull the rip cord hard and launch your beyblade into the middle of the stadium.

Fast Ball Attack
This move is best for knocking out the opponent's beyblade outright. This is done by aiming straight for the opponent's when launching yours.  You need perfect timing and aim to do this attack.

Galux Scratch Attack
The Galux Scratch Attack can cause massive damage to opponent's beyblade when doe properly.  Do it by tilting your beyblade forward when launching.

Bear Axe Attack
This is one great attack move! It takes a lot pf practice to perfect it but the results are just amazing! To do it, hold the launcher above your head, push down hard and launch your beyblade. The height of the launch should make the beyblade bounce about 1 to 4 times and with perfect timing, the beyblade should land on the opponents beyblade and knock it out.

Dark Lighting/Black Thunder
Another powerful move, the Dark Lighting/Black Thunder is done by holding your launcher above your head and when launching slam down hard. Wait until the launcher is about 25cm above the stadium before launching your beyblade onto the opponents attack ring.  When done properly, you might see two lighting marks on the side.

We will be sharing more Beyblade moves on upcoming articles so check out the site every now and then.

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