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Beyblade Tips and Tricks Part 4

Beyblade TipsAs promised here are some more Beyblade tips and techniques to optimize the power of your Beyblade and win in battles:

For stronger and more powerful spins, use an 18-inch rip cord to launch your Beyblade. Pull the rip cord hard and fast to get a good spin. Using this technique will help a defense-type Beyblade deflect attacks.

Give your opponent's Bey an attack when it least expects it by launching your Beyblade in the opposite direction. This will send your Beyblade straight across the arena for a strong, quick attack.

Use a heavy disk and a sharp attack ring to create a strong attack Bey. For faster and more effective attacks, use a grip blade base and a left-spin deluxe launcher.

Use these Beyblade tips and tricks and become a master in no time.



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