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Beyblade Tips and Tricks Part 2

beybladeAs promised in Beyblade Tips and Tricks Part 1, here are more Beyblade moves and attacks:

White Lighting
The White Lighting attack will only work for beyblades with a metal tips.  It is also best performed on concrete to get the desired effect.  Just hold your launcher and pull the ripcord super hard. When the beyblade lands, its should create sparks or "lightning".

Crazy Monkey Attack
To do this move, hold the launcher high enough to get a good start and strong attack. Launch the beyblade at the beyblade wall with pull power and it should be a blur when rebounding at the opponent for the attack.

Kahuna Wave
You need a very aim to perform this trick.  Aim for the opponent's beyblade then push the launcher forward while pulling the chord at the same time.  Your bey should bounce once then land on the opponents beyblade then bounce off, turn around and attack again.  You need a bit of luck to successfuly perform this.

Spiral Survivor

A difficult trick to pull off but can be awesome after a lot of practice.  Get your launcher like you normally would and make it so the rip cord tip is facing you. Then, slide the end of your middle finger into the rip cord palm down. Pull the rip cord forward, this may feel awkward at first. The blade's opposing spin should give it a different spin direction than usual.

Wyborg Attack

Like the fast ball attack, get low for this maneuver and shoot your blade at the exact skidding area of the stadium. While shooting, twist your arm to the left to give extra spin factor to your blade. Requires a lot of practice so your blade doesn't land on its attack ring flat. You need the bey to reach the base with a full flip the moment it has perfect spin to strike another blade.  An attack type bey is perfect for this maneuver so your blade will have a better chance of hitting your opponent.

Big Kahunna Wave Attack
A very powerful attack but vey difficult pull off.  Requires a lot of practive.  I suggest you try it out first in a soft area to perfect it.  Take three steps back, aim your blade like tiger claw attack and galux scratch attack, aim the attack ring for the bit and slant it, and shoot hard. You need good aim to do this right.  When you pulled it off and successfully hit the opposing blade, expect at least something to shatter on the opposing blade.

Fire Show
When launching your beyblade tilt it forward a bit pull the ripcord and let the beyblade launch off it will then attack like tiger claw but not on the side after about 3 seconds it will attack head on attack its a real fire shot without fire.

Rapid Fire
Do this attack by launching your beyblade up the side of the stadium.  If you get a good launch, your beyblade will go up the side of the beystadium. When it reaches the opponent, the attack ring will hit the stadium top and the beyblade will jump sometimes onto the opponent's beyblade making it wobble and unbalanced.

Side Slash
Quite hard to do launch your beyblade then try and get it to tip the edge of the opponents beyblade the opponents beyblade might slip and go out of the stadium

Final Attack
Best performed using Dragoon Fighter because of its speed.  Get your opponent to do a high launch attack, like spin fire or bear axe attack. When the opponent's blade lands, it might jump and with Dragoon fighter's speed and large Attack ring, when the opponent jumps on you dragoon it  will be fast enough to send the blade straight off you and will lose motion. With with dragoons attack you can finish the opponent off with little attacks.

Wing Dagger
To get this right, put your hands over your head when launching your blade. While swinging down, shift to the side a bit and pull the rip cord.  This will cause the blade to do a sort of spin fire but not straight from the top just to the side a bit.

Watch out for more attack tips!

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