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Beyblade - Putting a new spin on an old toy

Boys playing BeybladeSpinning tops are the oldest recognizable toys ever discovered in ancient archeological sites. Today, these toys come in a variety of forms but nothing has enjoyed immense popularity than the battling tops called Beyblades.  The first Beyblade tops were manufactured by Takara Tomy and released in 2000. The introduction of the toy corresponded with the broadcast of the Beyblade anime television series of the same name, which further catapulted the toys into immense popularity.

Beyblades are not ordinary spinning tops. They come with a 'launcher,' a device for bringing the spinning top up to speed, and are engineered to have various strengths and advantages over the others.  The three types of Beyblades are attack, defense and stamina.

Attack Beyblades are designed to deal destabilizing blows to the opponent but don't spin a long time. Defense beys, on the other hand, are heavier and aims to withstand repeated blows.  Beys that excel are engineered to have long spin times are known as "stamina."

Beyblade battles are usually done in basin-like arena called stadium where the high-performance tops are launched to collide with and outlast the competitor. The last top spinning is the winner. There are no hard and fast rules but opponents usually clash three to five times before one of them is declared the winner of the round.

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