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Hasbro launches Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome Set

Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome SetToy manufacturer Hasbro has just took Beybalde battles to a whole new level with the release of the new Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome Set. Based on Episode 15 (Sphere 360) of the Beyblade Metal Fury anime series, the set comes with a clear circular sphere or Destroyer Dome Beystadium, two exclusive Beyblade tops (Spiral Fox 130D and Cyclone Herculeo 105F ), two dome spin tracks and two ripcords launchers. A decorative sticker sheet for the dome, assembly tools and a product manual with tips and tricks for better battles are also included in the set.

To be able to battle in the Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome, the original spin tracks of the Beyblade tops must be replaced with the rubber dome spin tracks included in the set.

The rubber spin tracks will cover part of the metal wheel and allow the beyblade tops to spin around and climb up the sides of the dome stadium for more gravity-defying action.

To start the battle, each player will launch his Beyblade into the dome through one of the two openings at the top.

The object of the game is to give the Bey enough force so it can spin its way all around the dome, to knock out or simply outspin the opponent’s top. Just like in the conventional Beyblade battle, the last bey standing, or in this case spinning, is declared the winner.

Battling in the Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome may take some practice to get the Beyblade rotate around the spherical stadium. New users need to strategize on how to angle their blades and give them gravity-defying spinning action. The accompanying product guide comes in handy with numerous tips and tricks on how to do just that.

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