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Beyblade Bit-Beasts: Powerful Animal Spirits (Part 5)

Beyblade bit beastHere are more Beyblade bit-beasts:

Wildfox is a Bit-Beast owned by Foxy of Team Psykick. It takes the form of a fox.

Phantom Spider - is a spider Bit-Beast that was owned by Net of Team Psykick and used to fight Tyson Granger. He was one of the bit beast that were sealed in the rock by the Saint Shields ancestors. His abilities are based upon attacking the enemy with webbing.

Klarken is owned by Denny of Team Psykick.  There are two of them and Denny who uses them to fight Ray. Klarken takes the form of a giant squid.

Tyranno is a Bit-Beast owned by Dennis of Team Psykick to fight Max. It takes the form of a Tyrannosaurus.

Sickle Weasel is a Bit-Beast owned by ack of Team Psykick a to fight Kai. This bit-beast is a rock-elemental weasel and its front legs are like sickles.

Rock Bison is a powerful bison-type Bit-Beast owned by Rick Anderson of the All Starz.

Strata Dragoon is owned by Daichi Sumeragi. It came with the Beyblade his father gave him before he died.

Ariel is a ram-like Bit-Beast that is owned by King. It is the twin of Queen's Bit-Beast Gabriel.

Gabriel is a goat Bit-Beast that is used by Queen. It is the twin of King's Bit-Beast Ariel.

Cerberus is a Cerberus Bit-Beast that belongs to Zeo Zagart of Team Psykick. Its attack is Chain Storm. Cerberus was defeated by Dragoon after a long fight.

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