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Beyblade Bit-Beasts: Powerful Animal Spirits (Part 3)

bit-beasts More Beyblade bit-beasts information for you:

Wolborg - is an Ice-based cybernetic wolf that belongs to Tala of the Demolition Boys. This bit-beast is one of the most powerful Holy Beasts and is believed to be female. Wolborg's Grevolution Attack is called Novae Rog, which is initiated by Tala glowing blue or turning yellow after which he unleashes a wave of cold that reveals Wolborg's true form then resumes it's wolf form. The wolf form then charges at the enemy's beyblade and freezes it in a ball of Ice, the finishing move is when Wolborg's beyblade form smashes into the snowball containing the enemy beyblade an completely shattering the ball and in most cases knocking the blade outside of the ring.

Falborg - is the Bit-Beast owned by Bryan Kuznetsov of the Demolition Boys. Falborg takes the form of a falcon and infamous for its wind attack. Falborg has the ability to manipulate moving air into a weapon for attacking opponents. Another Falborg special move is called Stroblitz.

Seaborg - is a cybernetic whale Bit-Beast owned by Spencer Petrov of the Demolition Boys. It is also known as the oldest living bit-beast and have several unique battle attacks namely: Voda Impact, Wave Impact and   Stramolyu.

Wyborg - is a cybernetic snake-like Wyvern Bit-Beast that belongs to Ian Papov of the Demolition Boys. Its attacks are Dive Bomb, Wy Crusher, and Sand Bind.

Black Dranzer - is the Dark Phoenix of Darkness bit-beast owned by Kai Hiwatari. It is also one of the strongest Bit-Beasts ever known. It used to belong to the legendary monk Rasputin. The Demolition Boys trainer Boris Balkov got his hands on the bit-beast nd later on gave it to Kai.

Flash Leopard - the Bit-Beast owned by Ozuma, leader of the Saint Shields. Flash Leopard takes the form of a leopard and is one of the strongest Bit-Beasts in the beyblade anime. Flash Leopard's attacks are Sacred Fire and Cross Fire.

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