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Beyblade Bit-Beasts: Powerful Animal Spirits (Part 2)

beyblade bit-beast griffolyonHere's the continuation of my previous post about Beyblade Bit-Beasts.

Tryhorn - is the Bit-Beast of Steven Jones from the All Starz. Tryhorn takes the appearance of a Buffalo. This bey is unique because is has more than one Attack Rings. In fact, it is the only bey from the All Starz Team that was never made into an actual Beyblade because it is difficult to replicate its  multiple attack rings in reality.  A beyblade with many attack rings is likely to have very poor performance during battles.

Trypio - is Eddy Wheeler's (of the All Starz) Bit-Beast.  It takes the appearance of a scorpion.

Trygator - is an alligator Bit-Beast belonging to Emily York of the All Starz. Trygator has an armor on it's back made of light green energy.

Drac-Attack - dark like its owner Sanguienex of the evil Dark Bladers, Drac-Attack is a vampire Bit-Beast which resembles a large vampire bat made of red energy. It's signature attack is called Vampire Bite Attack. This Bit-Beast has the ability to drain energy from other Bit-Beasts is weakened by the sight of a cross, which is how the Blade-Breakers beat it the first time.

Sarcophalon - is owned by Cenotaph of the Dark Bladers. It takes the appearance of a mummy complete with bandages. Sarcophalon's attack is called Bandage Trap which it does by stretching outs its arms and grabbing or smashing the opponents's Beyblade. It is known as one of the Dark Bit-Beasts that Tyson's father described in a video before meeting with Cenotaph in an alley.

Wolf Storm - belongs to Lupinex of the Dark Bladers. It takes the appearance of a large blue werewolf. Just like all werewolves, Wolf Storm has a weakness to silver, which was used to defeat it the first time, using a silver coin placed in Ray's Bit-Beast.

Shamblor - belongs to Zomb, a member of the Dark Bladers. It takes the form of a large zombie creature which looks like Frankenstein's Monster.  Shamblor is made of green energy and his attack is called Zombie Attack.

Griffolyon - is owned by Robert Jürgens from the Majestics. It's one of the most powerful Bit-Beasts in the series and is able to easily beat up Dragoon. It takes the appearance of a huge griffin.

Salamolyon - is the Bit-Beast belonging to Johnny McGregor of the Majestics. It takes the form of a salamander and has been in Johnny's family for generations which helped them rise to power. Salamalyon is made of yellow energy with his flames being a shade of purple.

Amphilyon - is an Amphisbaena Bit-Beast belonging to Enrique Tornatore of the Majestics. Amphilyon takes the form of a dragon-like creature with two heads.  This Bit-Beast was first seen in When In Rome... Beyblade! when Tyson battles Enrique for the first time.

Unicolyon - is owned by Oliver Polanski of the Majestics. It is the unicorn Bit-Beast that was only only seen twice in the anime series. First in Art Attack during Oliver's battle with Tyson, and the second time during Oliver's battle against Ray in Olympia Challenge. Both battles ended in a tie.

To be continued...


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