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Beyblade Bit-Beasts: Powerful Animal Spirits (Part 1)

bit-beastsBeyblade Bit-Beasts (otherwise known as 'Holy Beast' in the original Manga version) are powerful animal spirit that can inhabit a Beyblade (or other objects like a laptop in the case of Dizzi). Bit-Beasts come in varying shapes and sizes and each one possesses its own unique attack.

In both the Manga and anime series, many characters are depicted to have deep bonds with their Bit-Beasts. It seems that some Bit-Beasts do care about their masters.  Some, such as Dizzi and Dragoon, have been shown to be able to talk and give advice to its owners. They are also very protective and put their existence in line to keep their owner's away from harm.

Below is a list of powerful and popular Bit-Beasts from the anime series:

Dragoon - (known as Seiryu in the original version) is Tyson Granger's Bit-Beast. He is a Wind Spirit and takes on the appearance of a large blue dragon with very long claws.  Dragoon is among one of the most powerful Bit-Beasts in Beyblade.

Dizzi - is Kenny's Bit-Beast.  She was accidentally trapped inside Kenny's laptop due to a lightning storm that caused her to transfer her body to it. An expert on data analysis, Dizzi can analyze Beyblade parts with ease. She can also speak through the laptop and give Kenny valuable advice.

Draciel - is the Bit-Beast of Max Tate. He is a Water Spirit (Black Turtle Ghost) and  takes the form of a black tortoise which is reflected by the Beyblade it inhabits. Draciel is a Defense Heavy Bit-Beast.

Driger - is the Bit-Beast of Ray Kon. He is Thunder Spirit (White Tiger Ghost) and  takes on the appearance of a large white tiger with blades on his back. Drigger is a survival type bit-beast.

Dranzer - is the Bit-Beast of Kai Hiwatari. He is one of the most powerful Bit-Beasts and takes the form of the Red Phoenix of fire. Dranzer possess extreme power and incredible battling skills.

Strata Dragoon - (called Gaia Dragoon in the original version) is Daichi's Bit-Beast.  He first appeared in Beyblade Movie - Fierce Battle and takes the form of a dragon covered in white bone-like armor.

Galeon - A black lion Bit-Beast that belongs to Lee Wong, leader of the White Tigers. Its main arsenal is comprised of lightning element attacks.

Galux - is the Bit-Beast of Mariah Wong of the White Tigers. He takes the appearance of a mountain cat.

Galzzly - is Gary Tan's Bit-Beast that takes the form of a grizzly bear. His mood reflects that of Gary's and becomes stronger when Gary gets angrier. Galzzly was the first of the White Tiger Bit-Beast to be defeated by Kai when he acquired Black Dranzer, which had the ability to take Bit-Beasts from those it defeated.

Galman - is the Bit-Beast that belongs to Kevin Cheng of the White Tigers. Galman takes the form of a monkey with yellow energy during Bey battles.

Trygle - is the Bit-Beast of All Starz' Michael Parker.  Trygle takes the appearance of a hawk.

To be continued...

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