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Tips for Improving your Beyblade Battle Performance

Beyblade battle tipsBecoming a Beyblade Battle Champion requires a lot of hard work. You need to know a lot about the capabilities of your Bey, like how it performs in battles when components are interchanged, or behaves when launched using different techniques or acts in different Beyblade stadiums. Knowing these information will help you in making strategies and using the right components and techniques to win battles. Furthermore, you have to practice your launching skills. Remember that your Bey's performance relies on you! Here are some tips that will help improve your Beyblade Battle Performance.

Know your Bey's strengths and weaknesses.  Spend some time to determine its launch rip speed, the best timing, angle and direction of its release, the position and style of its launch-landing within the Beystadium arena, as well as its battle path and special moves.

A brand new Bey sure looks great and shiny but make sure to break it in before engaging in a Beyblade battle. This way, you have an idea on how it performs and what launching technique is best to use. Remember, a well-used Bey often performs better in a Beyblade battle.

Aside from your Bey, also get familiar with its accessories such as the ripcord and launcher. Use them with your Bey to get the hang of them. Practice will also help these accessories to run more smoothly.

Discover the different launching techniques that will work best for your Bey. Bear in mind: a good launch means faster rip speed and improved performance. Every Bey belongs to one of four combat types depending on its strength. By perfecting your launch technique, you can take advantage of your Beys strength whether it is an Attack, Defense, Stamina or Balance type.

Combine parts to create different tops and send a customized Bey that has a clear advantage over the opponent during battle! Know how the the different components like the energy ring, fusion wheel, spin track and tip affect your Bey's performance.

Beyblade tops are subject to serious wear and tear. Always make sure that your Bey is in good working condition before engaging in a Beyblade battle. Check out Beys and equipment regularly to keep them in battle-ready condition. To protect them from damage, never spin your Bey on surfaces other than a Beystadium arena.


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