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Beyblade Anime Fun Facts

beybladeInteresting facts and trivia about the Beyblade Anime Series.

What creature does Tyson's bit beast resembles?
Dragon. It is actually called Phantom Dragoon, and is known as the Blue Dragon of Wood.

What creature does Ray's bit beast resembles?
Tiger. Its name is Driger, it is also known as the White Tiger of Gold.

What creature does Kai's bit beast resembles?
Phoenix. Its name is Dranzer, but is also known as the Red Phoenix of Fire.

Which team won the Asian tournament?
The Blade Breakers. After that they taught they were an unbeatable force.

Where did Max find his bit beast?
A necklace. This was at a tournament during a battle.

Why did Ray leave his hometown?
To learn new Beyblade techniques. His friends didn't think too kindly of this.

Which team did Kai originally come from?
The Blade Sharks. He later joined the Blade Breakers.

Acording to the beyblade theme tune, what do you do after you "fall down"?
Get back up again.. "Picking up speed, Running out of town, Going head to head It's a way of life, Gotta fall down - may cry- But you get back up again! Let's Beyblade!"

In Kenny's laptop is a Bit Beast he calls "Dizzie," but what is her real name?
Dizzara. She got sucked up into his laptop - somehow!

Johnny, Robert, Oliver and Enrique make up The Majestics. True or false?

True. Johnny fought Kai and Tyson fought the others.

Who enhanced Max's beyblade before the Blade Breakers took on Kai?

His mother. Kai's Dranzer didn't have any effect on Draciel.

In the Asian tournament, who are the Blade Breakers main adversary?

White Tigers. Ray almost lost his Bit Beast, Drigger, just before the Asian Tournament.

Kai betrays the Blade Breakers in order to obtain which beyblade?

Black Dranzer. Kai absorbs other Bit Beasts into Black Dranzer.

Tyson lives with who?
Grandpa. Grandad trains Tyson in sword arts.

Who is the manager of the Blade Breakers?

Mr. Dickinson. Mr. Dickinson works for the BBA.

The Blade Breakers are formed at which tournament?

Regional. The Blade Breakers are Tyson, Max, Kai and Ray.

What is Johnny of the Majestics' Bit Beast called?
Salamulyon. Salamulyon is a Salamander. It has a light colour of yellow.

Seaborg is owned by what member of the Demolition Boys?
Spencer. Seaborg is a whale and has a light colour of blue.

What person on the Saint Shields owns Flash Leopard?
Ozuma. Ozuma is the leader of the Saint Shields. He has a Bit Beast that is a leopard.

What is Cenotaph of the Dark Bladers' Bit Beast called?
Sarcoughomon. Cenotaph's Bit Beast is a mummy-sort of creature.

Steve of the All Starz has a Bit Beast, what is its name?
Tryhorn. Tryhorn is a Bull and its light colour is brown. It has a special attack called the Stampede Rush.

What is Robert of the Majestics' Bit Beast called?
Griffolyon. Robert is the captain of the Majestics. Griffolyon is a Griffon and its special attack is the fast ball attack.

What is the name of the Bit Beast Brian, that the Demolition Boys uses?
Falborg. Falborg is a Falcon and has average attack powers.

What is Kai of the Blade Breakers Bit Beast called?

Dranzer. Kai is the captain of the Blade Breakers. Dranzer is a red phoenix. It has equal attack, defence and endurance. It is good at fire attacks.

Lee of the White Tigers has a Bit Beast, what is it called?

Galeon. Lee is the captain of the White Tigers. Galeon is a looks like a black lion. His special attack is the Black Thunder Dark Lightning.

What is Tyson of the Blade Breaker's Bit Beast called?
Dragoon. Tyson owns dragoon. It is a dragon-like monster with a hurricane attack. It has very strong attack power.

In the beginning of "V-Force", Ozuma battles Tyson, who wins the battle?
Ozuma. At first Ozuma defeats Tyson, but later on Tyson manages to win.

Which Beyblader has a bit beast called Cyber Dragoon?

Kane. He gets Cyber Dragoon after joining Team Psykick.

What does Kai's bit beast represent?
The red phoenix. Ozuma tells this to the blade breakers.

Who has a bit beast called Dizzy?
Kenny. Kenny's bit beast is trapped in his laptop instead of his Beyblade.

Which bit beasts belong to the Saint Shields?
Flash Leopard, Vortex Ape, Vanishing Moot and Sharkrash. Flash Leopard belongs to Ozuma, Vortex Ape belongs to Dunga, Vanishing Moot belongs to Joseph and Sharkrash belongs to Mariam.


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