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Beyblade 101: Kinds of Beyblades

beyblade topAs we have discussed in a previous article, Beyblades are spinning top toys.  A game is won by knocking the competitor's beyblade out of a dish (also known as a Beystadium) or to outspin the competing top(s). Beyblades come in five kinds, namely: the basic, magnacore, engineer gear, hard metal system, and metal fight series.

The Magnacore Series feature magnetic spin gears and weight disks to attract or repel blades from each other. Additionally, one could purchase magnets that were affixed to the bottom of one's Beystadium, which affected the movement patterns of the Beyblades.

Engine Gear tops retain the major design of a basic Beyblade such as the bit piece, attack ring, weight disk, and blade base.  However, its spin gear is replaced with a more advanced engine gear, which affects the behavior of the top during the battle. Each Engine Gear includes a turbo winder to wind-up the engine core. When in action, the Blade Base releases the engine gear determined by the blade base's clutch lock system. This series of beyblades were the last ones to be made of plastic parts with the exception of the weight disks. The later ones were semi metal or completely metal.

Beyblade HMS (Heavy/Hard Metal System) is a line of Beyblade toys released after the Engine Gear line of blades in respect to the anime series. This series, unlike ones in the past, use smaller pieces made mostly of metal. HMS Beyblades have a distinct advantage over previously released Beyblades, that being that their spin velocities are 1.5-2x faster.

Heavy/Hard Metal System tops are composed of a four-layer part system:

  • Bit Protector: This holds the parts together, unlike its plastic counterpart, the Bit Chip, which was merely decorative. With the release of the first 5 HMS Beyblades, 2 different stickers for made for the Bit Protector, one of a "bit beast" and one of the emblem. The emblem stickers were the only ones that appeared in later Beyblade toys.
  • Attack Ring: This is composed of an inner metal part screwed to an outer ABS caul. Typically there would be a ring made of plastic that connected to the second ring made of metal. The attack rings were fashioned in tons of different styles.
  • Weight Disk: HMS Weight Disks are completely circular, unlike plastic Weight Disks which were shaped as hexa-, octa-, and decagons. There are also Customizable Weight Disks, which have plastic and metal parts, the plastic parts giving the Weight Disk a certain feature.
  • Running Core: The Blade Base of HMS. It goes through the weight disk & attack ring and attaches to the Bit Protector.

HMS blades do not use Spin Gears or Engine Gears, nor do they require them since the blade can be launched from both spin directions. This is possible through the HMS Neo Dual Launcher, which allows such spin-changing.These beyblades were the last ones corresponding to the Original series. A few years later, a new show under the name Metal Fight Beyblade, (Beyblade: Metal Fusion in North America) with new characters and Beyblades made in the same scale as HMS Beyblades, but with a completely different structure, was introduced.

The Hybrid Wheel System (HWS) was released in 2008 in Japan and in 2010 worldwide. It introduces new components making the Beyblades more complex including a wheel made of polycarbonate and more technically advanced bottoms. These kinds of Beyblades are part of Metal Fusion.

Names of Beyblades can now be determined by their parts. For example, Storm Pegasus/Pegasis 105RF has a 'Pegasus/Pegasis' clear wheel/energy ring, 'Storm' metal/fusion wheel, '105(10.5mm)' track/spin track, and a 'RF (Rubber Flat)' bottom/performance tip.

  • Face/Face Bolt: Playing a much larger role than the bit chip, the face is the screw that holds all parts together.
  • Clear Wheel/Energy Ring: These are composed of CPC (Polycarbonate). Aerodynamics sometimes are a factor, and are used as a hold for the launcher hooks.
  • Metal Wheel/Fusion Wheel: These create a frame for the clear wheel and make the most contact with the opposing beyblade.
  • Track/Spin Track: These determine the height of the Beyblade. Some are just heights, but some also have special features, such as metal balls, down-force fans, claws, spinning horns and height switch track(Dark Cancer CH120FS's spin track).
  • Bottom/Performance Tip: In this system, there are new bottoms to ensure greater performance

Beyblade/Metal System (Pre-HWS) These Beyblades have 4 different parts(instead of 5 from the Hybrid Wheel System):

  • Face: A screw with a colorful sticker that holds the bey together.
  • Wheel: A metal part that attacks and comes with stickers for color.
  • Track: It shows the height of the beyblade
  • Bottom: It determines how the beyblade will move and attack.

4D System beyblades are the newest series of beyblades to be released on 28th March 2011. There are several differences between this and the HWS beyblade. Firstly,The Metal Wheel of this series is divided into multiple parts. Second, the clear wheels are made of a heavier, stronger material.[2] Third, it uses a piece that is a fusion of the track and bottom, known as the 4D Bottom. An example is Big Bang Pegasis F:D. F:D stands for Final Drive, the name of the part.Face(Facebolt) - Same as before.

  • 4D Clear Wheel - Same as before.
  • PC Frame - Exclusively for Big Bang Pegasis and Beat Lynx, is a layer on that sits on the Metal Frame and Core. It is made of Polycarbonate plastic. The speculation for it describes it as a shock absorber to deliver Upper Attack, since the strength of Metal causes extreme recoil, without much destabiliztion occurring.
  • Metal Frame - Primarily just a Metal Wheel, except, it is more of an "outline" to the core, since it has big hole to sit on top of the ore, aligning it in place. It may be flipped for a mode change.
  • Core - Supplies the holes and indents for the Track to be placed under and Clear Wheel and Metal Frame to sit on top. It has support parts for an extra add on.
  • 4D Bottom - Some are fused for gimmick purposes (Retracted tips, like Big Bang Pegasis). Fang Leone comes with a normal Track and Bottom that are separated, like the other beyblades before BB-105 (Big Bang Pegasis) is released, thus meaning that not all parts will contain 4D bottoms.

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