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6 Essential Beyblade Care Tips

beyblade care tipsIntense Beyblade battles can wreak havoc to your favorite Bey. These toys are far from fragile but they are also not indestructible. While a few scratches and battle marks give a Bey some character, a good tender loving care will ensure that it can win battles for you longer. Here are some Beyblade care tips to help you have long lasting fun with your Bey:

1. Beyblades are meant to destroy one another. But that does not make them unbreakable. Some of its components are made of plastic and too much stress could weaken them. Avoid throwing, dropping and stepping on your Beyblades.

2. Don't use the same launcher for very heavy blades, such as double weight-disks. Using the same launcher for such blades can easily wear out and destroy the mechanism inside the launcher. Get several launchers and use them alternately for heavy blades.

3. Beyblades are useless without their launchers that is why you should also take good care of these accessories.  Launchers' gears can easily get worn out by unnecessary use so avoid pulling the rip-cord through the launcher when you are not launching a Bey.

4. Avoid launching a Beyblade on concrete or other hard surfaces. It wears down the Beyblade tip easily. Always play on a Beystadium to keep the tip in optimum condition.

5. Never pick a spinning Beyblade up with your hands, it can hurt you.  Wait for it to slow down or stop spinning before handling it. Also avoid launching Beyblades at people, animals or anything that could easily break.

6. Just like Beyblade tops, Beystadiums also need some care so you can use them longer. Most of the battling action happen in these plastic arenas making them prone to scratches and snaps. Repair damages immediately with tape or glue. Scratches can be smoothen out with nail polish.  Fixing damages as soon as possible ensures that Beyblade can perform better during battles.  It also avoids small chips from becoming massive and irreparable.

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